The Land Access Ombudsman (LAO) is an independent body established under the Land Access Ombudsman Act 2017. The LAO operates independently of government and is not subject to direction by anyone.


  • investigate disputes about alleged breaches of Conduct and Compensation Agreements and Make Good Agreements
  • give advice and make recommendations about how disputes could be resolved
  • refer or recommend possible offences and breaches to the government departments responsible for regulating the industry
  • provide advice to government departments about systemic issues arising from land access disputes

Our goal is to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, in a simple and informal way. We aim to help parties to a dispute build ongoing relationships, so that they can work together to find practical solutions to their land access issues.

Our office is founded on the principles of:

  • independence
  • fairness
  • accessibility
  • accountability
  • efficiency
  • effectiveness.

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Last updated: 09 Dec 2022