01 July 2021

Earlier in June, the LAO team headed to Toowoomba to take part in FarmFest 2021.

A first for the LAO, and it was great to be part of what is an iconic festival event in the region.

Ombudsman, Jane Pires, spent the three days talking with community members and stakeholders: listening and connecting with the people of the Darling Downs region.

Being on the ground at FarmFest allowed community members to become familiar with the Land Access Ombudsman, the LAO name, to learn about who we are and how we help communities experiencing increased industry activity.

It was a great opportunity to hear community sentiments, discuss options to support people with their enquiries and connect with other services and organisations operating in the region.

FarmFest is an event that attracts visitors from far and wide, attending the event allowed the LAO team to promote our service to a wide audience. The three days provided an opportunity to talk to people from across South East Queensland who were interested in hearing about LAO's services.

It was cold, windy, and sometimes wet, which we have been told is perfectly normal for FarmFest in Toowoomba! Nonetheless, we hope to be back at FarmFest in future years, committed to raising awareness about the LAO, our services, and the support we offer to Queenslanders experiencing land access issues.